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Award Winning Architects D.S.E Architecture

At D.S.E we believe sustainable building is more than just using green materials or offering selected green features at additional costs to the buyer. Truly sustainable building requires a commitment to designing homes and buildings to function better as an integrated system of features that work together to maximise the benefits of each other at little or no extra cost to the buyer, and adopting that as a standard practice. We design some of the most energy-efficient buildings and homes in the country, saving our clients up to 78% on energy costs. Our homes and buildings are not just energy-efficient they are healthier, quieter, safer, cleaner and more comfortable than standard group builder dwellings.

To create repeatable improvements we work with suppliers, subcontractors, real estate agents and mortgage underwriters to assist in recognising the economic value in better functioning homes and buildings. We also create awareness of the improved value of our dwellings throughout the buying, ownership, and resale processes.We are committed to making change in sustainable building practices by implementing a strong, unified sustainability platform across our own divisions called (PRISM)

At D.S.E will assist Finding Other Solutions with any process and procedure needed and directed by F.O.S.

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