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F.O.S Commitment to (CR) & Approach  

Our Approach

Our consortium's strategy and approach to corporate responsibility (CR) are well aligned as we improve the business operating model to reflect more sustainable practices. (CR) is a keystone of our commitment to provide

the highest quality service to our customers. Within (CR), the safety of our colleagues and clients our number one operational priority.Our Safety First programme is built on one powerful idea: that everyone in our business takes ownership for safety 365 days a year. In 2014, our focus has been to determine how we can continue to grow in a sustainable and responsible manner, whilst adding long term value to our business. During the year, we refreshed our (CR) strategy

and engaged with our stakeholders to ensure that we continue to address those business impacts that are important to them. Increasingly, stakeholders believe that well managed companies will deliver sustainable competitive advantage

and long term shareholder value. Their insights help us to better understand emerging issues and progressively refine our approach to managing environmental and social risks

and opportunities. Our approach is simple: to use clear global policies and frameworks like (PRISM) to ensure alignment, understanding and commitment to project integrating sustainable methods, thus fundamental to our success and delivery to our clients.


Corporate responsibility to us underpins our business, driving our decisions and enabling us to achieve our strategic goals in a responsible and sustainable way.

Alex McLeod & Alan Tupicoff, Executive Board 

Our People

Our people are fundamental to our great service and reputation and we recognise their positive contribution

to our performance, ensuring our employees are well trained, motivated and productive is an essential component of our business model.

1.Provide a safe workplace
2.Create great career opportunities
3.Offer fair employment


In 2014, we made good progress against our (CR) commitments with additional focus on: supply chain visibility and integrity; employee diversity; human rights and improving the accuracy of reporting on our environmental performance. All work that F.O.S did in 2015 in terms of conducting a risk assessment in key countries around their compliance against the global Human Rights policy has proved helpful

in understanding the actions required to align ourselves with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.We have achieved greater visibility of performance data which is helping

us to better assess our business impacts and control our non-financial risks and make more informed decisions.

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