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DNA Structure F.O.S

At F.O.S we are committed to operating our business in a way that delivers lasting benefit
to the communities and environments where we work, as well as to our shareholders and employees. Sustainability to F.O.S is the foundation of global development. It is integral to our infrastructure and technologies that we use to advance and improve. 

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F.O.S, as a Consortium, is a combined association of innovative businesses, focusing on developing a specialized delivery model that incorporates “innovation through flexibility” in its approaches and practices in the field of human services including experience in consultation, research, policy analysis, and training. 

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Finding Other Solutions


F.O.S believe setting targets and performance measures is essential for continuous improvement in the procurement process. We have adopted (PRISM) to all complex and high-cost procurement, targets and performance measures and it should be a key element of project planning, especially where strategic requirements are involved. Our procurement management team reviews and refines our targets throughout the procurement process.

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F.O.S Commitment to (CR) & Approach  

In 2015 we continued to drive further improvements across our business and extended the scope of our (CR) performance reporting.Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) relate to our business strategy and drives the sustainable development aspect of our business. Since we started our (CR) journey we have seen continued improvement in our sustainability performance against baseline data. We measure and report internally on our performance against each KPI and performance is reviewed by the (CR) Committee inside F.O.S.                                    ​

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