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Your Solution for a Career Starts Here

Many people aspire to a career within F.O.S and with good reason. We dedicate considerable resources to the development and management of our apprenticeship, cadet-ship and trainee-ship programs – all of which we manage in-house. In addition we encourage a healthy work-life balance with all staff. With more than 20 apprentices we are pro-actively working to build the skills base of Australia and in turn provide our clients with the best possible skills set suited to their project.

Finding Other Solutions
Environment & Incentives


F.O.S believes that the essence of a strong and effective organisation is the people that make it up. If their needs are well catered for then the teams formed have a strong bond and commitment to one another.
As a result F.O.S employees are well rewarded, enjoy the efforts of an active social club with many functions throughout the year all building on a vibrant esprit de corps.
F.O.S apprentices are paid above award wages and are provided with quality tools well above minimum requirements

Our Training Program


Our training programs are built upon a consideration for flexibility. We believe that future leaders are created by having our apprentices and trainees spend more time ‘on the job’ rather than in the classroom. On the job they are placed with full-time mentors and their progress is monitored on a month-to-month basis by their assigned apprentice development co-ordinator. 

Personal Development


Equally important to the ‘F.O.S way’

is the personal development of our apprentices and cadets. We provide each of them with financial management training, defensive driver training, life goal-setting skills and other personal development that includes inculcating a respect for integrity, honesty and responsibility in both their personal and professional life.

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