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Finding Other Solutions

This service is delivered by a single entity (not 50 independent trades). Our typical collection of services benefits from 100 + years’ combined experience in procuring “the right people to do the right job.

F.O.S, as a Consortium, is a combined association of innovative businesses, focusing on developing a specialized delivery model that incorporates “innovation through flexibility” in its approaches and practices in the field of human services including experience, consultation, research, policy analysis, and training.

The core team includes Administrators, Educators, Psychologists, Policy Managers, Building / Project / Program / Sustainable Managers and other industry professionals.  

The Consortium includes a range of businesses including consultants, financial institutions, and investors from across Australia, South-East Asia and the South Pacific regions focussed on working with clients and specifically selected affiliates to deliver strategically aligned solutions to client needs.

The Consortium utilizes a unique business model that combines strong leadership and project management ability with the commitment to obtaining the best possible resources for each project we undertake.

Our vision for the composition of each team is not constrained by the need to support the internal staffing structure of our group, but instead, it starts with F.O.S. (Finding Other Solutions) asking these questions: 
• Who are the best people available in the field?
• How can the best people be integrated into the Consortium’s team?
• What are the client’s real Strategic Goals to be achieved by the delivery of this project?


                                                    Consortium of Innovative Practices

Together, solutions to issues can be found using the team at “FINDING OTHER SOLUTIONS” (F.O.S.)


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