An Innovative Focused Consortium for Delivery of Sustainable, Effective and Efficient Outcomes to all Clients, Including Building and Infrastructure, Technology, Science and Growth Enterprises





Project Management.

Procurement and Logistics.

Civil & Drainage Solutions.

Multidisciplinary Projects.

Project Planning, Controls and Reporting. 

Direct Labour and Sub-Contractor Delivery.

Testing and Commissioning.

High Rise Residential Building Construction.

Environmental Waste to Energy Solutions.

Sustainable Management / Business Management.

New Mine Site Design, Building and Construction.

Mine Site Reconstruction.

Programmed Mine Site Maintenance and Refurbishment.

Port Facilities, Maritime Infrastructure Construction. 

Agriculture & Energy.


Computer & Technology.

Waste to Energy.

Mining and Extraction.

Environmental Sciences.

Health & Welfare.

Facilities Management.

Design and Manufacture.

Construction & Infrastructure.

Disaster Relief Housing & Maintenance.

Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Building. Communication & Operations Hubs, Remote Locations.

Alex McLeod
CEO, Founder
In Series Electronics
Alan Tupicoff
CFO, Executive Board F.O.S President of ANZISM
Anthony Aucone
NextGen Founder, Executive Project Director
In Series Electronics
F.O.S Group
Tony Smith
F.O.S Group
Harsha Weerasinghe
Project Director, Design Structural Engineering
D.S.E Architecture
F.O.S Group
In Series Electronics
Renewable Energy Technologies
F.O.S Group
Enri Hazizaj
Architectural Design Manager Albania, Europe D.S.E Architecture
Tunc Goz
In Series Electronics Operations Director, Turkey, Europe
F.O.S Group
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December 1, 2016

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